Bulgarian hail suppression

The geographical location and diverse terrain of Bulgaria characterise it as one of the most hail-stormy countries in Europe.

Hail is a weather phenomenon, detrimental to the agricultural crops.

The Bulgarian hail suppression system was set up in 1968 as a structure of the Ministry of Agriculture. The Hail Suppression Agency now protects an area of 17 000 sq. km in the regions where hail damages have turned out to be the strongest: the districts of Vidin, Montana, Vratsa, Pleven, Pazardjik, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora and Sliven.

The Agency carries out its activities by monitoring the weather conditions using MRL5-IRIS Doppler radars and cloud seeding.

Real time meteorological radar information is transferred to the National Civil Protection Service and the Air Force.

Weather information
depending on the radar reflectivity

5 – 15 dBZ
Cloud boundary
15 – 25 dBZ
Non-precipitating clouds
25 – 30 dBZ
Light rain
30 – 40 dBZ
Light to moderate rain
40 – 45 dBZ
Moderate rain and probability of lightning
45 – 50 dBZ
Moderate to heavy rain and lightning
50 – 55 dBZ
Heavy rain, lightning and probability of graupel
55 – 60 dBZ
Very heavy rain, lightning and probability of  hail
60 – 65 dBZ
Very heavy rain, lightning and probability of severe hail 
> 65 dBZ
Very heavy to extremely heavy rain, lightning, severe hail
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