Bulgarian hail suppression

Interactive Radar Information System

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The system includes seven MRL-IRIS radar stations, located in command posts of: regional directorate: the village of Golyam Chardak, District of Plovdiv; the village of Popovitsa, District of Plovdiv; the village of Dolno Tserovene, District of Montana; the village of Bardarski geran, District of Vratsa; the village of Staro selo, District of Sliven; Meteorological radar center in the village of Yarlovo, District of Sofia and in the town of Shumen.

The radars (S-band) are modernized MRL-5 stations with Doppler transmitters and IRIS system of Sigmet-Vaisala. MRL-IRIS is a modern Doppler radar system for automatic volumetric scanning of the atmosphere and data archiving. Real time volumetric radar information is transmitted to other command posts and the information center in Sofia.

The information received from the seven radars is processed in real time and transmitted to users.

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